Tips To Being A Successful Bed And Breakfast Host

November 29, 2012 Airline Travel,Lodging,Our Business

Tips To Being A Successful Bed And Breakfast Host

by Jim T Thomas

Many people dream of owning their own bed and breakfast establishment, they think of all the wonderful guests they’ll get Tips To Being A Successful Bed And Breakfast Hostto meet, learning about other countries whilst also sharing their passion for the country they live in. Many bed and breakfast operators are first time business owners whose only term of reference is what they did or didn’t like about other establishments they have stayed at. Below are some tips about how to be a successful host of your establishment.


Working for yourself requires a level of motivation to ensure you stay on top of your tasks. Organisation, have systems in place, and ensuring you have a clean and tidy working space is essential. Ensure that if you keep your booking software on at all times, of if you can’t due to reasons outside your control, then keep a diary, and a pen and paper right next to the phone so that you note down all of the details.

Be Flexible

Whilst ideally your existing guests will check out mid morning and new guests arrive mid afternoon, this may not always be possible due to circumstances outside of the control of the guests. Their flights may be delayed, or they may arrive very early. Being flexible with check in and check out times will leave guests with the feeling that you care about them.

Warm Greeting

Often your guests will have travelled a long distance, quite often from another country, through airports, hours on a plane, perhaps a commute through unfamiliar traffic to get to you, your establishment is their ‘destination’, their haven after all the stress of travel, so being there to greet them with a warm welcome, making the check in process simple and easy, and carrying their luggage to their room will not only make a good first impression, but a lasting memory.


Many guests, whether from the same country or overseas, will seek advice, recommendations and information about local events, your favourite place to eat, shopping, or local attractions. Keep yourself up to date with local activities, events, and attractions so your guests can take advantage of these. You could ask them during the booking process if they any particular interests and gather pamphlets especially for them.


Under promise, and over deliver should be your motto with everything you do in your establishment. If your guest has special dietary requirements, seek out specialist food for them, if they have children ensure the room is child safe and if you have a family room, make sure the toys are regularly cleaned and sanitised.

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