Hartman Rock Garden - Springfield, Ohio

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Hartman Rock Garden – Springfield, Ohio
The Hartman Rock Garden is one of the nation’s most intriguing and revered works of in situ folk art, an outsider art phenomena where self-taught artists construct fascinating worlds out of concrete, metal, stone, and whatever else they can find.

Hart man Rock Garden

Hart man Rock Garden

Harry George “Ben” Hartman was born in 1883 in Edenville, Pennsylvania. At the age of 16 he left home to learn mold-making, a craft in which he quickly became highly-skilled. He moved to Springfield, Ohio in 1913, where he worked as a molder at the Springfield Machine Tool Company foundry. After the death of his first wife Maggie in 1928, Ben married Mary, who had a daughter, Ruth, from a previous relationship. The couple soon added two more children to their family: Martha and Benjamin. They resided in a small house on the corner of Russell and McCain, located in a mostly rural area on the outskirts of town. There Ben and Mary raised pigeons, chickens and rabbits. Both had a love of gardening and even built two greenhouses to hold the many varieties of flowers and vegetables they grew.

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1905 Russell Avenue
Springfield, OH 45506

Visit our Website: http://www.hartmanrockgarden.org


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