India Tours - A Wanderlust's Dream

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India Tours – A Wanderlust’s Dream

by Ariza Roshan

Splendor, adventure, mystery and magic – these aside, if there’s anything else you want to fit in when on a holiday, sign upIndia Tours – A Wanderlust’s Dream for India Tours and you won’t be disappointed. In fact, even the most fastidious of tourists have gone back with their spirit of adventure satisfied and their holiday expectations met each time they’ve been on a holidays in India. So what’s it about an India trip that makes it so complete and delightful that you want to keep coming back? For starters, it’s the country’s geographical diversity that’s so alluring.

Even without much time on hand, you can begin your day to a soothing, languorous ayurvedic Kerala massage with the blue seas as your backdrop and end your day being serenaded by the colorfully dressed Rajasthani folk singers perched on invitingly warm sand dunes. On another day, you can ski down the invitingly snowy slopes of Gulmarg in Kashmir and then fly down to Delhi to enjoy its balmy evenings and a sumptuous culinary feast. In addition to the assortment of weather and the geographical mixture that add more than just charm to an India vacation, it’s the wide variety of sights and spots that you can treat yourself to that make an India Trip truly unforgettable.

Given that India had been ruled by different dynasties and empires, its architectural richness is till date, unparalleled. Delhi and Agra boast of the best in Mughal architecture where one of the Seven Wonders of the World the Taj Mahal stands testimony to the finery and grandeur of India’s glorious history. The temples of South India are swathed in an architectural style so distinct from what you see in the North of India that you’ll find it difficult to believe you’re still in the same country. In addition to the skilled craftsmanship that’s on display in these temples what’s a major draw is the tranquility you get to experience. Since India is the seat of spirituality, experiencing some of it as part of an India Tour should only make a holiday more complete.

India’s architectural diversity aside there’s a little for everyone out here. Think wildlife or adventure and the country plays host to some of the well-preserved sanctuaries and national parks in the world. So the possibility of bumping into the great Indian Tiger in Ranthambore or a pride of lions in Gir or the majestic Indian Rhinoceros in Kazhiranga is high. Think letting-your-hair-down and Goa makes for an ideal destination. This smallest state in India is celebration embodied. Unending beach parties, carnivals, water sports and trek-worthy forts and trails make Goa the little paradise it is. Think relaxation and find yourself heading towards God’s Own Country Kerala where your body can unwind to some world famous rejuvenating massages. If you’re closer to New Delhi, India’s capital city, head to Haridwar for an invigorating yoga workshop that can offer you both, relaxation and self-reckoning for the price of one! So in short, all you have to do is think or dream and it’ll certainly be fulfilled when on a holidays in India.

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