Independent Motels Offer Quality Lodging

Independent Motels Offer Quality Lodging

In today’s I need atmosphere many people want chain properties because they want all of the amenities that come with the chain or simply the chain name as they think it is a guarantee of quality, well in today’s economy it really is neither.   There is and always will be other options which include what is traditionally known as Mom and Pop motels which scatter the country side across the United States.

The independent motels are usually run by a family and in many cases it is that same family that does everything at this property so in many cases you are getting a room that is very clean and neat but as with chains this is not always the case.  These Independents would serve many travelers that are just looking for a friendly place to stay.  Most offer internet plus many other basic amenities,  the main thing they do offer is a good family atmosphere and you will not get the owner renting you a room at any chain.

One other thing you should ask yourself especially if you are self employed, do you want your customers supporting the major chains or your business?  I think as with most independent business will want them to support your business.  Well then the answer should be quite clear then when you travel are you supporting the chains or are you supporting the independents, like yourself.   If you have a doubt on the room cleanliness then simply ask if you could see the room before you rent it and I am sure they will gladly show you a room.

In today’s economy which has put many businesses in distress, asking to see a room is not a bad idea even with the chain properties as many chains are not being kept up to snuff these days do to business being slow or non-existent.  In many cases also the independents are a little less money to rent a room than chains.  So this  option is also good for the pocket book.

Summer travel is upon us so when you go on that summer trip remember the Mom and Pop motels and remember to post on the various website about your stay and don’t be so critical about a rust spot on a refrigerator when you are not even using the fridge or if you are a smoker and there is a single burn hole in the bedspread, stop and think about it and you probably have put many burn holes in bedspreads yourself.  Also don’t steal the towels, this honestly goes for chain properties also as today these are not cheap commodities.

When looking online for family owned motels do keyword searches, ie:  family owned motel, incorporate the city and state to localize your search and remember when you go to any lodging establishment to look at a room before renting it, now if you come in late you really cannot expect to be allowed to view a room so plan on stopping before midnight.

Good Luck and Enjoy your Summer Travel!