Understanding How to Give a Review

October 9, 2012 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

Understanding How to Give a Review

To be quite honest most people do not have a clue on how to give a business review, most do so from an immediate feel with no basis of facts.

First thing to understand in giving a review:  Do not be ignorant, never give a one ended review, one example of a one ended review would be calling a place simply a DUMP,

Why would you simply say this remark in the first place?  Is the propery a dump because you did not like the meal or if about a motel was it a dump just because they may have old furniture.  To be quite honest this is one reason it is not a good idea for anyone to give a review because it is important that when giving a review on a business you blindly not make such stupid remarks but rather provide an intelligent review as an example.

The room offered outdated furniture  but the carpet, paint was recently done,  additionally the rooms was clean though the bathroom faucet dripped.  I might add that the paneling dated the property back about 40 years which incidentally is not a bad thing if you like that.

The above comment expresses the fact that you are not happy with the outdated look but you can also see the property is updating since some items are new.

Or if you are at a restaurant do simply say the place is a dump just because it is old or bad just because you happen to have had a meal that was not to your liking.  With any business there is good and bad, sometimes your remarks are also based on family problems, long drive, just being fired, etc. so why give a review when it is not the real reason you do not like the business.

Many times people not in business do not stop to think about what really goes into running a business additionally independent businesses unlike chains have more limited funds for upgrading so if you are seeing upgrades then you should be respectful to the fact they are upgrading as many businesses today simply sell out or go out.

In many cases when someone is in business this there sole source of income and updates happen as they recieve business so doing a major update at one time is just not good business in fact many people go into business thinking they must have everything just so before they open their doors.  In reality though unless you have extremely deep pockets this is the wrong thing to do.   That also is one of the problems with our society today, they want things right now are not willing to wait when everyone should learn to live within there means and not their credit limit.  If people did then their would not be so many home forclosures or people losing their businesses.

I tend to get side tracked when I write mainly because I have been in business for so many years I have seen people change over the years some for the good and others not so good,