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How to Book a Golf Course on Vacation

How to Book a Golf Course on Vacation

by Anders Abadie

A golf course may be calling your name. If you are planning a trip to the links while on vacation this year, there may not

How to Book a Golf Course on Vacation

How to Book a Golf Course on Vacation

be a better way to finding exactly what you need than to research your options online. Once you find a few that are intriguing, how can you book your tee time? How can you make sure it’s worth your investment? What about those private courses you want to try out but dont want to buy a membership for when you are just vacationing in the area? When golfing is a part of your trip, it pays to know how to find the best options for your time.

Book a Deal

One way to get a great golf course time is to book your trip through a deal or special offer. Sometimes hotels or condo complexes offer these. Not only do you get time on the courses available, but you may also get to use the onsite amenities including the clubhouses and bars. This could be a good way to save money and get the tee time you want.

Sign Up in Advance

When traveling, you may not always have an idea of when you will be in the area or what time will be ideal. However, if you can schedule a time in advance of your arrival, your chances of getting that ideal location is better than just showing up at the last minute. This is particularly important when selecting a location such as a championship level course. Youll need to reserve your time as much as several months out in some of these cases.

Is the Course Worthwhile?

A big problem many people have is knowing whether or not the facility is worth booking prior to their arrival. You can find reviews of virtually all large courses online. Use them as a starting point. When booking your hotel or condo in the destination area, ask the locals about options for golfing, too. Getting firsthand reviews can help you to make a better decision about which one is right for you.

Getting Into Hard-to-Book Courses

To get into those private or limited facilities, you may think you need to know someone. In some cases, it may not be possible to get into exclusive locations. On the other hand, many will offer an opportunity to those considering joining the club. Ask for an opportunity to play the green.

Finding a golf course that is ideal for your next vacation is a big part of planning a successful vacation. For those that love the greens and could not imagine a relaxing vacation without some time on them, be sure to book your tee time in advance.

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